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Coloring Tutorial

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Coloring Tutorial Empty Coloring Tutorial

Post  Lindsay (Admin) Thu Jan 10, 2008 6:44 pm

Okay, I'm going to go from this: Coloring Tutorial 8aygtac To this: Coloring Tutorial 6wxgs4k

*Note: I use Corel PSP X, so this may vary a little bit for other versions of PSP. Smile

1. Open and crop your image to 100x100 pixels.
2. Paste this: Coloring Tutorial 6ugiume as a new layer. Set it to screen with an opacity of 95.
3. Paste this: Coloring Tutorial 80z9hu0 as a new layer. Set it to color, opacity 46.
4. Paste this: Coloring Tutorial 853w1l0 as a new layer. Set it to darken, opacity 27.

Merge all layers. Go to adjust>sharpness>sharpen.

Add any brushes or borders you want.

Voila!! Smile Here are some others I made using this tut:
Coloring Tutorial 6pjwk07 Coloring Tutorial 6oo3s5t Coloring Tutorial 72bj2j7
Lindsay (Admin)
Lindsay (Admin)

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