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Post  Lindsay (Admin) Tue Jan 01, 2008 7:35 pm

Please follow all of the rules of the Graphic Station to help everything run more smoothly.

1. Any graphics you post as a freebie can be used by any member on any other website.
2. Any graphics you make as a request for someone can be used by that member on any other website.
3. It is strongly recommended, though not required, that you tag all of your graphics.
4. Any graphic you obtain from this site must be credited to the person who made it.
5. If you are caught stealing graphics your may be temporarily or permanently banned (at staff's discretion).

6. Please limit signature length to two graphics, each under 600 x 450 in size, and 8 lines of text. PM a staff member for a possible exception.
7. This is a forum for people of ALL ages, so please use appropriate language.
8. Any pictures or graphics posted MUST be appropriate for any young children. If you post an inappropriate picture you will be messaged by a mod and the post will be deleted. After recieving a warning(s) if you continue to post inappropriate content you may be banned (at staff's discretion).
9. Do NOT insult other people's graphics (ie. 'His are ugly' or 'I don't like yours'). Constructive criticism is encouraged, but please be polite about it.
10. Have fun! Show off your graphics to other members and enjoy requesting from others. Smile

Lindsay (Admin)
Lindsay (Admin)

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